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Stand Up To Anxiety

Your Daily Journal

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Stand Up To Anxiety: Your Daily Journal is designed to help you plan for a positive day, reflect on your anxiety and notice the good things about your day. 

This journal is for you if you are struggling with anxiety and want to start a daily habit to help understand and manage it. The journal is based on the techniques in Lucy’s book, Stand Up To Anxiety, which is also available on Amazon. The questions in the journal are based on the tried and tested methods of the author after her own struggles with anxiety. 

Each day you will be encouraged to journal about:

  • Positive habits
  • Anxiety reflection including triggers, symptoms and tools
  • Your daily self-care activity
  • The things you are grateful for
  • A brain dump before you go to sleep
  • And much more


Stand Up To Anxiety: Your Daily Journal will guide you through understanding and managing your anxiety everyday.

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A little look inside...

“This journal is great, I found it to be an excellent tool to help manage my anxiety. The prompts were very helpful for identifying triggers and focusing on how to handle things differently next time. I appreciated the evening portion to help me focus on the good and wind down.”


Disclosure: I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

“I really love what Lucy has done with this journal. The layout is uncluttered and simple, which keeps it from being overwhelming. I recommend this journal and it makes a great companion to her first book, Stand Up To Anxiety (which I bought myself).” 


“Excellent item, my friend loves it and is using it daily. Good communication from seller.”

Shelby (Ordered from LIVE IKIGAI Etsy Store)