Stand Up To Anxiety Book

Stand Up To Anxiety

Your Practical Anxiety Toolkit

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Stand Up To Anxiety is a must read self-help book for anyone struggling with anxiety. It is an informative, easy to read guide drawing on the author’s own experience of anxiety.

This book is for you if you are struggling with anxiety and panic attacks, wondering where it came from and how to change it.

Inside you will find:

  • How to understand your anxiety
  • Exercises to calm a panic attack
  • Techniques to overcome fear
  • Daily habits that help to manage anxiety
  • Practical strategies for when anxiety is triggered
  • How to create your own anxiety toolkit
  • 40 exercises to guide you through the process
  • And so much more

Stand Up To Anxiety will show you how to understand your anxiety, learn daily habits and create a toolkit to successfully manage your anxiety.

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“A book which is relatable, interactable and essential to our wellbeing.”


“I am very grateful for this book. Struggling with anxiety can be very disorienting and confusing. This book has give me many ideas on how to navigate anxiety when it flares up. I highly recommend it!”

Amazon Customer

“Lucy Smith’s book ”Stand Up To Anxiety“ is such an amazing guide to manage your anxiety. She describes different kinds of anxiety disorders and how to come to terms with your feelings. Lucy wrote about her own personal experience with anxiety which makes her book even more authentic and realistic. I absolutely loved the exercises that are part of this guide, since this made me think about myself, my anxiety and potential triggers more. This book was really beneficial to me in actually understanding anxiety. You can clearly tell that Lucy made a lot of research and put so much effort into this book because it is extremely informative and complex. I recommend you to read ”Stand Up To Anxiety“ if you are looking for helpful advice and different ways to come to terms with your anxiety.”

Kindle Customer

“What a fantastic and easy read with so many useful exercises and techniques to help manage anxiety. I think the tool kit is amazing and will help so many people- not only those suffering with severe anxiety. I think we could all benefit from applying these exercises to our lives in some way or another! Especially after reading that 80% of our self-talk is negative. I will definitely be using these exercises to manage my own negative self- talk.”


“Amazing tips really helpful to me through some tough times mentally and emotionally.”


“As the founder of an organisation that supports people living with mental illnesses I have read many books to help both with my own mental health journey and also to assist me helping others. This book was an exceptionally brilliant read and extremley educational in terms of Anxiety. I would highly recommend the small investment for this book due to the high standard of content in the book. Simply fantastic.”

Josh, The Happiness Project

“I’ve never read something that has connected with me as much as this book. It has had me thinking differently and the exercises in the book have been great! The book is well written and I would 100% recommend this book for anyone who experiences anxiety! It has been an absolute Godsend. Thank you!”


“A great book full of useful ideas to help you manage your anxiety! Would definitely recommend this book to anyone wanting to gain a better understanding of anxiety and how to keep it under control!”

Kindle Customer 

“If you struggle with anxiety or know someone struggling with anxiety, this book is a GREAT read! Lucy provides so many great tools to combat anxiety throughout this book. Her writing is clear and concise and easy to read and understand.”


“This book is super helpful to everyone who’s quite struggling to calm down their anxiety. I used the simple tips and techniques from the book and so far I have noticed the change in my anxiety levels. Thank you so much for writing this wonderful book. It surely is going to help everyone out there who are looking to cope up with their anxious mind. It’s super simple to follow and Lucy is a certified anxiety mentor so she knows it all well. I would highly recommend grabbing this toolkit for effective change.”


“Super helpful little book about how to deal with anxiety! – I would recommend!”


“This book is full of ideas, tools, and practices to help anyone who suffers from anxiety to feel more grounded, calm, accepting, and in control.”


“Lucy did an amazing job covering all things anxiety. As someone that has generalized anxiety disorder and experiences panic attacks the way she shared her personal experiences made me feel less alone. The detailed tools and methodologies she covers are ones that I use personally to live with my anxiety. This book is a wonderful read for anyone that is looking for support in navigating anxiety!”


“This book is so inspirational and has helped me so much to manage my anxiety. Highly recommended this as well as getting the journal that goes with it”


“Fabulous book,I have struggled with my anxiety for sometime and was lost on how to deal with it. This book gave me tools on how to control my thoughts. It also made me feel I wasn’t alone in how I felt.”

Kindle Customer

“This book is full of a lot of exercises explaining in detail how to manage or deal with anxiety.”


“A great book for anyone who has experienced anxiety or wants to know more about what it’s like to live with anxiety. Really helpful exercises and tips. Would recommend.”



What the Book Club Members are saying...

“Love the coping tools/mechanisms it had to offer. Will apply them whenever I’m feeling anxious. i would have never been able to focus under the amount of pressure I was under had it not been for this book.”

“It’s been a lifeline for me just lately with me not being in best of health recently.”

“I love it so much that I bought one for a friend, I am still in the observation period but it is really helping me to identify my issues and helping me resolve a lot in my life”

“I bought your book yesterday and have finished it this morning, it was fab! Anxiety is a new thing for me and something I have been struggling to adjust to life with and there’s lots of great ideas in your book that I will be giving a go. Well done and thank you”

“Loved how relatable it was! When you have anxiety it can feel lonely at times so it helps.”

“I started reading it again last week after a break. Lots of helpful tips I can put into practice. Thank you, your book is being a great help.”

“Hearing someone else’s experiences and process to get through really helps”

“It is really helping considering work has been extremely stressful lately.”