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055: How To Help Morning Anxiety

In this episode Lucy talks about how to help morning anxiety including what it feels like and 5 tools to help you ease the symptoms of anxiety in the morning.   How To Help Morning Anxiety In today’s episode, I’m going to talk all about how to help mourning anxiety. This is something that I Read More

054: The Best Quotes To Calm Anxiety

In this episode Lucy reads out the best quotes to calm anxiety.    Scroll down to read or click play to listen     “Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength.” —Charles Spurgeon “Stress is an ignorant state. It believes that everything is an emergency. Nothing is Read More

053: Self-Care For Your Mental Health

In this episode Lucy interviews Jane, the Product Manager at Habio. Jane answers questions all about how self-care habits can help you look after and improve your mental health. Jane answers these questions: Why do you think self-care is so important?  How can self-care help your mental health?  How do you use self-care in your Read More

052: Reviews Of The Stand Up To Anxiety Book

In this episode listen to Lucy reading some book reviews for the Stand Up To Anxiety Book. Lucy wrote this book after her own struggles with anxiety. When she needed support there wasn’t a simple, easy to understand book out there, so once she had all the knowledge from understanding and managing her own anxiety Read More

051: Mental Health Matters Talk With Dr Rosena

In this episode you can listen to Lucy being interviewed by Dr Rosena on the Mental Health Matters Show by Riverside Radio. Lucy talks about her top tips for looking after your mental health and how to make self-care a priority without feeling guilty.   Scroll down to read or click to listen on your Read More

050: 10 Tips To Stand Up To Anxiety

In this episode you’ll learn 10 tips to stand up to anxiety, from Lucy’s own experience. Including knowing your symptoms, journaling and reducing your news intake.   Scroll down to read or click to listen on your favourite platform – Apple, Spotify, Google or PodcastAddict     Today is episode is the 50th episode of the stand up to Read More

049: Supporting Children With Anxiety

In this episode Lucy talks about supporting children with anxiety. Lucy has struggling with anxiety since she was a child but wasn’t diagnosed until her early twenties. This made childhood and school life even more difficult as she wasn’t receiving the support she needed from family, school and professionals. Lucy will give you some tips Read More

048: Open When Anxious – A Tool For Managing Anxiety

In this episode Lucy talks about Open When Anxious – a tool for managing anxiety that her and Sadie (@yoursocialanxietybestie) came up with during episode 16 of the Stand Up To Anxiety Podcast. Open With Anxious is a memo that holds affirmations, ideas and tools to help you manage your anxiety without having to think Read More

047: Dealing With Night Time Anxiety

In this episode Lucy talks about dealing with night time anxiety. Often anxiety can reach a peak during the night time, with less distractions and potentially more triggers around. This is something that Lucy has struggled with and she has now found a way to manage effectively.   Scroll down to read or click to Read More

046: Preparing For Events That Trigger Anxiety

In this episode Lucy talks about preparing for events that trigger anxiety. Sometimes you’ll have to do something that you know is a trigger for you but it cant be avoided, in times like this it is important to prepare for the event to help you through it.   Scroll down to read or click Read More

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