Cheerful Children

Cheerful Children is an activity book to support children in building confidence and developing a growth mindset.

This activity book will prompt your child to work on self-reflection and self-improvement to build their confidence and learn to manage their feelings. The activities promote positivity, gratitude and mindfulness to name a few.

Topics include:

  • Anti-Bullying
  • Confidence
  • Emotions & Feelings
  • Growth Mindset
  • Positive Statements
  • And much more



This workbook is perfect for parents to use at home with their children together or for the child on their own to self-reflect. Also suitable and very useful for schools to use with students either in 1:1 intervention sessions or in groups.

I purchased this book as I could see the potential for my children. As an adoptive mum I am all too aware of the negative thoughts and beliefs my children can have so I have been dipping in and out this book for activities to support them. The book is very comprehensive and covers a wide range of topics from family to growth mindset to bullying to finding calm. As a teacher by profession I can also see the benefits this would bring to primary schools, especially if restoration work is needed with friendship groups or there are children with low self esteem who need a confidence boost. If all children could access this book before secondary school then there would be greater resilience and less anxiety as they get older. The format of the book is simple to follow and encourages conversation and reflection. Highly recommended! 

We bought the PDF copy as it will be easy to print pages as we need them for our two kids at home. I was very impressed with the content, we will be using this a lot as a family. I can imagine this book is going to be invaluable to a lot of children as they struggle with returning to school and all the changes it brings this autumn. I know in particular that being an adoptive parent there are many activities in this book that will support many adoptive families! Thank you so much for creating such an awesome resource! – Katie

About The Authors

Lucy & Katy Smith work in an SEN School as Teaching Assistants, Katy also specialises in supporting students with their wellbeing in ELSA interventions.Lucy is the author of Stand Up To Anxiety and works as an Anxiety Management Mentor supporting others with their anxiety.

Growing up, both Lucy & Katy struggled with their confidence which affected their school life and ability to get a job . They have since worked on their confidence and mental health to get to where they are now, feeling happy and confident with success in their personal and work lives. Lucy & Katy also play the sport of Bowls and have won National and British Isles titles together.

The sisters believe that encouraging children to work on their confidence, feelings and a growth mindset from an early age is the key to happiness and success in their childhood and adult life.