Mental Wellness Club

mental wellness

I know it’s hard knowing where to start with your mental wellness. I can imagine how many hours you’ve wasted looking through all the resources you can find but still not really knowing what to do and just feeling more and more overwhelmed.

I get it. It’s a struggle. It is overwhelming.

It’s hard to get consistent with something before you completely understand it. That’s because before management you need to understand. And before understanding you need to accept.

Acceptance. Understanding. Management. 

You’re already on the road to acceptance if you’re here reading this. That’s a great start and you should be really proud of yourself! Next up is understanding and management…

That’s what the Mental Wellness Club can help you with.

When you accept, understand and can manage your mental wellness everything else feels so much easier! You may find that you…

Feel happier

Have more confidence

Are able to manage anxiety easier

Can manage stressful occasions better

Improve relationships with family, friends and colleagues

mental wellness

A range of simple, easy to understand resources available

Dedicated question thread in the group to ask your questions any time

Accountability threads to use as a check-in to get consistent with new habits

I’ll be popping into the group every day to check for new comments and support you

An intimate feeling within the group as a safe and supportive community here to encourage you

Each month I’ll host a live Q&A and mentorship session to answer all questions that need a more detailed answer


No time commitment

Go through at your own pace

A safe and supportive community

Simple, easy to understand resources

Cancel any time (even during your free trial period)

Every month you’ll get access to a new video, workbook and challenge:

January – 2023 Live Planning Party 

February – Self-Care As A Priority

March – Mindful Moments

Plus every month includes a live Q&A and mentorship session in the members Facebook Group.

And continued access to all previous videos, workbooks, challenges and live Q&A sessions.

Get greater clarity on your feelings and emotions with the four types of tracking worksheets

Discover the power of journaling with the video & workbook, including prompts

Learn anxiety management tools in the 21 day anxiety challenge

By joining the club you’ll be one step closer to full understanding and management of your mental wellness.

*Your free 7 day trial begins when you sign up, if you find it useful and want to remain a member you don’t need to do anything. If for any reason you don’t want to stay just cancel your free trial before the 7 days and you won’t be charged the £15 a month payment.