018: Living With Anxiety, OCD & Depression

In this episode Lucy interviews Natalia (@solveitbywalking) all about her anxiety, OCD, depression and eating disorder and how they are all interlinked. Natalia shares her journey including struggles and successes with her mental health conditions and tips to help you with yours.   Books that Natalia recommends: Mindfulness Workbook for OCD by Jonathan Hershfield Happiness Read More

017: Stand Up To Anxiety Book Reviews

In this episode listen to Lucy reading some book reviews for the Stand Up To Anxiety Book. Lucy wrote this book after her own struggles with anxiety. When she needed support there wasn’t a simple, easy to understand book out there, so once she had all the knowledge from understanding and managing her own anxiety Read More

016: Dealing With Social Anxiety with Sadie

In this episode Lucy interviews Sadie (@yoursocialanxietybestie) all about social anxiety, making friends and intimacy in friendships.   Click to listen on your favourite platform – Apple, Spotify, Anchor, Pocket Casts, Google or RadioPublic   Sadie is a mom, wife, freelance translator/editor, and online social anxiety advocate. She hosts a podcast called Your Social Anxiety Bestie, where she shares the truth about Read More

015: One Technique To Overcome Fear

In this episode Lucy talks about her best technique to overcome fear. This is one that Lucy has used herself for her fear of driving and being in public places. She continues to use this powerful technique now for new fears that come up. Click to listen on your favourite platform – Apple, Spotify, Anchor, Pocket Casts, Google or RadioPublic     Read More

014: Using Yoga To Help Anxiety with Liz

In this episode Lucy interviews Liz Joy Oakley about her anxiety journey, how she’s used yoga to manage anxiety and becoming a yoga teacher. Click to listen on your favourite platform – Apple, Spotify, Anchor, Pocket Casts, Google or RadioPublic     Liz Joy Oakley is a Holistic Well-being Coach, Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Writer based in London specialising in Yoga Read More

013: New Years Intentions

In this final episode of the year, Lucy shares with you some tips and tools to reflect on 2020 and set some intentions for the New Year. Lucy also shares with you some of her own intentions and how she will work towards these in 2021.   Happy New Year X Click to listen on Read More

012: How To Build Confidence

In this episode Lucy shares with you the personal story of how she built her confidence enough to get through a job interview successfully. You’ll also learn how to use two simple techniques to build your confidence in any area of your life.   In this episode Lucy talks about: Her lack of confidence – Read More

011: Managing Anxiety In The Holidays

In this episode Lucy gives you some tips on how to manage anxiety in the holiday season.   In this episode Lucy talks about: Stick to your routine as much as possible (sleep, eating and exercise) Journal about how you’re feeling Talk to people when you need to express how you feel Write lists to Read More

010: Foods To Help Anxiety with Ashley

In this episode Lucy interview Ashley (@galwithanxiety) on her own anxiety experiences and how she’s used food and drink to help manage her anxiety. Lucy asks Ashley: About her anxiety journey How she first get interested in using food to help manage anxiety? What she has learned since then about food and anxiety? About her Read More

BONUS: Mental Health In A Pandemic (Panel Discussion)

In this episode 4 mental health advocates discuss their mental health during the Pandemic, including the ups and downs, what they learned and how they managed. Listen to pick up some great tips on how to look after your own mental health during this Pandemic.   Click to listen on your favourite platform – Apple, Spotify, Anchor, Pocket Read More

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