002: Understand Your Anxiety Triggers

In this episode Lucy talks about how to understand your anxiety triggers. Scroll down to read the episode or click to listen on your favourite platform – Apple, Spotify, Anchor, Pocket Casts, Google or RadioPublic     This week’s episode is all about understanding your anxiety triggers. This is an important step in learning to Read More

BONUS: A Reading from the Stand Up To Anxiety Book

In this episode I read the start of the Stand Up To Anxiety book – a section from the Introduction about how I felt in my teens, the two biggest fears and I had and how I overcame them.    Click here to order your book & read the reviews  Scroll down to read the Read More

001: My Anxiety Journey

In this episode Lucy talks about her anxiety journey. Including how she felt during her teenage years, when she asked for help and learning about her anxiety.   Lucy talks about: Struggles in her teenage years Not knowing what anxiety was Her most severe panic attack The appointment with the doctor and counsellor Scroll down Read More

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