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Does your anxiety make you feel overwhelmed and worried?

Do you wish you knew how to manage your anxiety?

Do you want resources and support to help you on the journey?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you are in the right place. You’ll have access to a range of resources to help you understand and manage your anxiety as well as support from Lucy, who knows first hand how anxiety and panic attacks feel.

This is for you if you:

Don’t understand your anxiety and how to deal with it

Are feeling your life is out of your control

Want to know how to manage anxiety

Feel stuck in a rut

Are overwhelmed by the physical feelings of anxiety

Want support to understand and manage your anxiety


Inside the VIP Members Area

Mentorship & Questions with Lucy 

The chance to ask any questions about anxiety and get extra support and guidance. A monthly live session in the Facebook group to ask any questions and all uploaded to the members area for you to watch any time.

Anxiety Tools & Techniques

A range of resources and videos of tools and techniques to help you manage your anxiety. Including meditations, mindfulness and workouts.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 

CBT worksheets and resources to help you with understanding and managing your anxiety. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy will help you to get a better understanding on your thoughts and behaviours and their impact on your anxiety levels.

Theme Months

Every month there is a new theme, all content added to the VIP Members Area will relate to this theme. There will also be a challenge in the Members Facebook group to help you get consistent with the new habit that month

VIP Members Facebook Group

The option of joining the VIP members only Facebook group where the monthly challenges and live sessions will be held. You’ll have the opportunity to ask Lucy any questions and connect with others struggling with anxiety too.


Coming up in The VIP Members Area

November: Using Visualisation to Calm Your Anxiety

December: The Importance of Self-Care


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Who is Lucy?

Lucy is an Anxiety Advocate & Author of Stand Up To Anxiety.

Lucy has had first hand experience with anxiety and panic attacks. After feeling like she couldn’t carry on with the high levels of worry she was feeling she went to the doctors and got referred to a counsellor. When the counsellor said she was struggling with severe anxiety Lucy didn’t know what to do. She looked online for resources and support but couldn’t find anything that had what she needed.

Lucy began to read books, watch videos and listen to podcasts to learn all she could about anxiety and how she could manage it. It was a trial and error process and took a long time to learn all that was needed to begin to feel that the anxiety was under control. After this long and unnecessary experience Lucy realised that something needed to be done to make it easier for those struggling with anxiety.

That’s where the VIP Members Area comes in. It contains all the resources and support needed to begin to understand and manage your anxiety. It’s all in one place to save you time rather than having to research yourself and spend hours finding out what works. You can access all the tools and techniques that Lucy has tried and found useful and try them for yourself.

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Your Questions Answered

How much time will I need?

You have access to the content any time, you can spend as long as you want. New content is added on the first of the month and can be viewed in your own time. Being a VIP Member is flexible around your needs and time commitment so it is up to you.

How do I access the content?

When you sign up you will receive an email with the information you need to login. You will create your own individual login on the website to access the content in a private members area. You also have the option to join the Members only Facebook group where there is more support and all the resources are available.

What topics are included?

See above for all the topics currently in the membership and new content coming soon.

When is new content added?

Every month has a theme and the new resources are added on the first of the month to the Members Area on the website and the Facebook Group. There is a Live Q&A session and challenge every month in the Members Facebook Group. Extra resources will be added to the Anxiety Techniques & Tools and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy sections regularly.

How will being a VIP Member help me?

You get all the support and resources you need to help you with understanding and managing your anxiety from Lucy, who has personal experience with anxiety and panic attacks.

You have access to techniques and tools provided by guest experts on meditation, workouts and much more.

 You get access to the Members only Facebook group to connect with others on the same journey to keep you accountable and committed to your journey.

There is a range of practical tips, techniques and habits that will support you in understanding and managing your anxiety.

Who can join?

Anyone that is ready to understand and manage their anxiety. That is ready to learn and take action to see results in their life.

Can I take a month off?

Yes you can cancel your membership at any time. It will always be available for you to join again if you wish to.

What happens if I don’t like it?

If you no longer want to be a VIP member for whatever reason you can cancel your subscription at any time, instantly stopping membership and payment.

 The experts here to help you…

What happens when you join?

You will create a login with a username and password on the checkout page when you join.

You will then receive an email with a link to the members area. When you go to the website click on LOGIN and type your username and password and you will be directed straight to the Members Area.


Payment options

Once you’ve typed in your details click “Proceed To PayPal” You can continue to pay by PayPal by using your email address. If you are paying in another currency PayPal sorts out the conversion for you automatically.

You can pay by card by clicking “Pay by Debit or Credit Card

You will then be charged £10 a month automatically on the same date unless you cancel your membership (which you can can do at any time)

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What the members are saying

“Really helped having this outlet with other females who are suffering with anxiety and your not judged at all. Lucy is great so patient and empathetic”

– Grace

“Lucy is a lovely, kind and honest person who supports and guides you through a range of self-development. She is always at the end of a message if needed and the range of materials on the site are broad. Highly recommend.”

– Emma

“This is such a great resource to help with my anxiety. I am learning things to do daily to help with my anxiety. Lucy has done a great job providing helpful resources.”

– Emily

“Let me start off by saying Lucy is so sweet and friendly. Something about her just makes you comfortable enough to open up to her. The clarity call I had with her definitely gave me MAJOR results in such a short time span.”

– Essence

“Lucy is a very helpful coach. I find the website and group very helpful in my journey of self-improvement.”

– Carrie

“Very helpful love being part of this amazing class.”

– Charlene

“This is very helpful / much needed help to push thru on this journey!”

– Cindy

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